Middle School Students Honor Those Serving in the Armed Forces

City Year Seattle Veterans Day

The vibe of walking in an auditorium full of excited middle school students is astonishing. As the students of Aki Kurose Middle School prepared to celebrate the commitment of the U.S. Armed Forces they also reflected on ways they can make a change in their community.

The assembly started out with a slide show dedicated to the people who serve our country while the schools choir sang in the National Anthem in harmony.

The slideshow presentation was followed by four students who spoke about their family or friends serving in the Armed Forces. The students exuded courage and pride as they spoke to their entire school to show their respect those serving our country.

Next we watched a video made in commemoration of Veterans Day. The video began with students giving shout outs to their friends and family that serve in the military. It then went on to talk about problems that students face here at home and ways to help solve those problems.

To wrap up the assembly the students in Aki Heroes gave a wonderful presentation declaring “what they stand for.”

I Stand for justice!

I Stand for peace!

I stand for equality!

The auditorium echoed with inspiration.

The assembly brought the service of the men and women in the armed forces and community service full circle. It concluded with this message: “When I improve my community I improve my nation!”

By Kendall Morgan

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