Thanksgiving Service Service With Food Lifeline

I love Thanksgiving.  To me, Thanksgiving is a chance to eat as many fattening foods as I want without thinking about silly things like calorie counts, high cholesterol levels, overeating, etc.

But it’s also important to remember that not everyone in Washington is as lucky as I am and that they have problems that are far greater than what I face.  The USDA currently estimates that 1 in 10 people in Washington State are unsure of the source of their next meal.

So on Friday, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, City Year Seattle corps did our annual Thanksgiving Service Project at Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline, which are both nonprofits dedicated to ending hunger in Western Washington.  I went to Food Lifeline, and our particular service involved sorting food into boxes so that it can be sent to food banks.

They are smiling because service was so cool!

We kicked off the day with some great PT (physical training) in front of a Food Lifeline Truck and read the Daily Briefing, which detailed our day for us.

Then we were split into two groups and we started our service.  For the first part of the day, I and a group of other City Year members sorted through bread and desserts.  There were all these scones and giant chocolate cakes . . .

After we finished the bread, we bagged frozen carrots.

While I was boxing bread and bagging carrots, others were sorting through groceries, and packaging and unloading potatoes.

It was a fun day.  And we accomplished a lot.

Take a look at the numbers:

  • 2,655 lbs. of groceries
  • 3,600 lbs. of packaged frozen carrots
  • 6,440 lbs. of packaged potatoes
  • 70,000 lbs. of unloaded potatoes

Without counting the unloaded potatoes, that means enough food for 9,765 meals.

Meanwhile, our other City Year corps members over at Northwest Harvest bagged 16,000 pounds of red beans and cleaned over 3,000 pounds of cabbage.

Not bad, right?

Text by Sherry Tiao, photos by Dawn Jackowski

1 thought on “Thanksgiving Service Service With Food Lifeline

  1. A great day of service! The corps was able to do some serious bonding while engaging in an incredible service that will end up helping many western Washington residents.

    -Robert Melick (City Year Seattle 2010/11 corps member)

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