Woodland Park Zoo Visits Dearborn

In December The Woodland Park Zoo came to visit City Year’s after-school Discovery Club at Dearborn Park Elementary.  Discovery Club is a twice a week after-school program for the students that covers a variety of topics throughout the year and helps students discover new passions for different cultures, arts, sports and foods from here in Seattle as well as all over the world.

For the past three weeks, Dearborn Park’s Discovery Club has been studying the continent of Africa, covering topics like geography, music, traditions and animal species.  The students created their own cardboard maps depicting different geographical regions of Africa, made their own artistic versions of African masks and pieced together plastic cup versions of African drums.

Woodland Park Zoo was kind enough to help City Year cap off the Africa unit by sending Janel Kempf and her animal friends, Boy- the ball python, and a group of hissing Madagascar cockroaches, to visit Discovery Club.

After learning all sorts of great information about cockroaches and ball pythons, the students met Boy up close, touching him and getting the full experience of his scaly snake skin.

After meeting Boy the students were then able to look at and feel a number of other African animal artifacts, including a lion’s skull and pelt and a full-size ostrich egg.

Dearborn’s Discovery Club is starting their “Seattle” unit next and everyone, including the corps members are very excited to see what they will discover.

Text by Robert Melick


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