Teach Me How to Study: A Denny Middle School Production

The teachers and staff at our partner schools show an incredible amount of dedication towards making learning fun and interactive for their students. At Denny International Middle School, which is also one of our Diplomas Now schools, the staff put extra time, energy and some serious swagger into creating “Teach Me How to Study,” a parody based off “Teach Me How to Dougie,” by Cali Swag District.

The lyrics were written by Gary Lai, a math and science teacher at the school, and the video was shot in a four hour recording session with a one hour follow-up session. According to Lai, most of the the ideas and the setting for the video were made up on the fly. His creativity is obvious and the video has even become popular enough to be featured on local news outlet KING 5.

Projects like this showcase the talent, enthusiasm, and creativity of our partner schools and really display the connection between our schools and students. We are elated to be able to serve alongside the wonderful Denny staff.

Text by Kendall Morgan, City Year Seattle/King County Recruitment Project Leader

Video by Gary Lai, Teacher at Denny International Middle School


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