T-Mobile Goes Above and Beyond

T-Mobile has a way of coming up with incredibly creative ideas when it comes to fundraising for City Year.

In late December, Chuck Stigers, senior manager of Portfolio Risk Operations at  T-Mobile, emailed City Year Seattle about planning a small auction for  an upcoming summit event they were hosting. He anticipated the auction would raise a few hundred dollars, and T-Mobile wanted their contributions to be dedicated to City Year Seattle. Of course we were very pleased to hear the news, and we didn’t realize  that we would be in for a big surprise.

Shortly after this conversation, three members of the T-Mobile Portfolio Risk Operations team attended a summit to meet with their external partners in New York City. At the end of the summit, the attendees split into teams for an organized bowling tournament. The T-Mobile members decided to auction off their amazing bowling skills to the teams and donate the proceeds to City Year. With only three T-Mobile members available out of the 35 attendees, the competition was intense and the bidding was fierce.

The event, which Chuck Stigers originally expected to raise a “few hundred dollars”, raised more than $7,200. Everyone at the summit pooled their contributions together to make this generous donation to City Year Seattle.

We were astounded when we heard the news. But then we remembered that this was T-Mobile we’re talking about, City Year Seattle’s biggest corporate sponsor and a City Year National Leadership Sponsor. In December, about two weeks before Chuck Stigers emailed us, T-Mobile employees ran a holiday sample sale with all proceeds going toward City Year. They prepared for this fundraiser throughout the entire year and in eight short hours, T-Mobile raised $135,000.

And each year at T-Mobile sites across the country, T-Mobile sponsors a day for their employees to join City Year for the annual T-Mobile Huddle Up. During Huddle Up, T-Mobile employees transform a community building to provide a safe space for students after-school.

Yesterday, Simon Amiel, City Year Seattle’s Executive Director, presented T-Mobile with a plaque as a token of our appreciation. He said:

The continuous support from the T-Mobile team is the reason why we’re able to serve  kids in Seattle Public Schools. You are helping us with our mission, and together we are making a powerful impact.

T-Mobile, we are always impressed by your ingenuity and thoughtfulness, and you never fail to surprise and amaze us throughout the year. City Year and the children of Seattle Public Schools appreciate your support so much.

The T-Mobile Portfolio Risk Operations team and Simon Amiel, City Year Seattle Executive Director

Text by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader

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