Comcast and Community – Service at Seward Park

Two City Year corps members in front of the Comcast banner.
This past Friday, Comcast, our National Leadership Sponsor/Signature Service Sponsor, sponsored City Year Seattle for a day of service at Seward Park. Located off Lake Washington on Bailey Peninsula, Seward Park has old growth forests that need protection from ever-tenacious invasive species. We spent the day with Seattle Parks and Recreation, working to protect Seattle’s native plant life and repairing trails so that we can all continue to enjoy Seattle’s scenic beauty.

We started off the day by laying biodegradable sacks on the ground and covering the sacking with mulch. Both the sacking and mulch will decompose and add nutrients to the soil, while also preventing weeds like Himalayan blackberry from growing. Because we worked with such energy and enthusiasm, Seattle Parks and Recreation ran out of both sacks and mulch midway through the day. Instead, we began laying down gravel to build a path that will encourage visitors to make a detour through the forest and enjoy what Seward Park has to offer.

Here are some snapshots of our day:

Kendall nobly carrying sacks

Corps member Kendall Morgan carrying piles of sacking to his team members.

Laying Down Sacks

The team busily laying sacking on the forest grounds to prevent invasive weeds from growing and choking off our native plants and trees.

Nick Shoveling Mulch

Senior corps member Nick Hernandez breaking up an enormous mountain of mulch.

Make way for the mulch!

Denise Taylor distributing mulch to her teammates working around the forest.

Protecting native plants through mulch

Corps members Kate Harrison spreading mulch on top of sacking and around young native trees to give them a chance against invasive plants.

City Year Fiercely Shoveling Gravel

The next phase of our day: Operation Transport Gravel.

Bucket Assembly Line

The best way to carry heavy buckets full of gravel into the forest? Team assembly line!

City Year Seattle and the Comcast team hard at work

Using gravel to create pedestrian paths around the forest.

Carrying buckets of gravel

Steady, but heavy!

Smoothing out the Gravel

Corps member Anessa Amer with the paving machine, which packed down gravel to create a smooth, firm surface.

Final Team Circle

We ended with a team circle to finish off the day.

Our final circle was by Lake Washington. By the end of the day, the wind from the lake was a little cold, but it was still a successful day of service. The entire City Year Seattle King/County corps was able to work together to ensure that Seattle remains a beautiful city for the people in our communities.

Thank you, Comcast, for helping us make this happen!

Text and photos by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader


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