Comcast Career Day in Seattle!

City Year Seattle in Front of Comcast Headquarters in the Washington Region

City Year Seattle in front of the Washington Region Comcast Headquarters

Last Friday, City Year Seattle had the chance to spend time with Comcast employees when we met at their Washington headquarters for Comcast Career Day. City Year Seattle is lucky enough to be one of the 12 City Year sites participating in Comcast Career Day this year. After reading about the day in cities like Detroit and Boston, we were definitely excited.

City Year at Comcast

Throughout the day, we attended workshops run by Comcast recruiters who discussed utilizing our City Year experience on resumes, improving our interviewing skills and practicing professionalism in the workplace. We also participated in panel discussions with high flying executives and front-line representatives, finding out how they launched their careers and what it’s really like to work for Comcast. The Comcast employees told us over and over again, “Comcast is a great place to work! The company really cares about you.” By the end of the day, corps members like Kendall Morgan were asking, “Do you have any openings here for idealistic 17-24 year-olds?”

City Year Seattle Taking Notes!

We also met with several Comcast human resources representatives who reviewed our resumes to meet with us one-on-one and discuss how to improve them. I know I’m not the only person who has gleaned some great tips for making myself stand out. Corps member Hoang Lam said, “The most useful part of the day for me was probably the resume critique. Having someone else look at my resume and present a different perspective will go a long way towards improving my LACY plans.”

Corps member Mariel Venhuizen, who worked with Comcast to plan the day, said, “Comcast absolutely values the City Year partnership. They were basically willing to do anything for us and they started planning this day two months in advance. A lot of what happened that day was based upon the feedback we provided them, telling them what our corps members need to be successful after their year of service to their communities.”

City Year at Comcast Career Day

Generating ideas for resume writing.

Not only has Comcast supported City Year Seattle throughout the year with their Comcast Signature Service Days, but they are also helping our corps members prepare for our lives after City Year. Comcast Career Day was a day with much-appreciated advice for all of us on how to utilize our City Year experience as we launch our careers in fields as varied as education, medicine, law and public policy.

Thank you, Comcast, for working so hard to ensure this day would be great. We appreciate our partnership so much!

Text and photos by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader


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