City Year Seattle - Pi Week Question

A Question of the Day for Pi Week!

Starting on March 14th, the T-Mobile Diplomas Now Team at Aki Kurose Middle School hosted “Pi Week.”  To kick it off, the entire student body was ushered into the auditorium for a special assembly, only to hear two corps members talk about Measurements of Student Progress scores and standardized testing. Naturally, the students thought that the assembly was focused on academic success.

Unbeknownst to the student body, the Diplomas Now Team had actually rigged the entire assembly. Without warning, the lights started to flicker on and off in the auditorium. Mr. Geddes, the school counselor, took the microphone, pretending to calm the chaos and fix the lighting issue. Suddenly, the spotlight turned on to illuminate a figure that was dressed all in black. The “masked bandit” crept stealthily on the stage and pie’d Mr. Geddes in the face!

The figure ran off the stage quickly, leaving a large envelope with a note. The note read: “Who am I? Well, you will have to solve these clues to find out.” The students were completely shocked.

Corps member Sean Morrin came onto the stage and explained to students that to celebrate Pi Week, students had been sent on a mystery mission! To solve the mystery, students had to complete four math missions. Those missions consisted of solving grade-level appropriate math problems each day of that week to spell out the answer to the big question: Who REALLY pie’d Mr. Geddes in the face?

Students buzzed around the school, commenting on who they thought was the culprit. “It was Miss Sheera!” “Just tell me who did it!” “I know that it was that one lady, it was…uh..” It was a mystery!

City Year Seattle - Pi Week Question

Day One’s Pi Week Math Mission stated:

Hello Peace Crane Detectives! Want to know who I am? Well, you have all week to figure it out! Complete the first question below and see a City Year member during lunch to receive your first clue! Good luck!

Mr. Geddes begins his hunt to discover who is behind his tragic pie-ing. Later that day, he sees Ms. Barber carrying two suitcases. Mr. Geddes, suspicious, follows her. Ms. Barber walks into an empty classroom and opens suitcases. Inside is a bag of flour, a jar of cinnamon, a gallon of milk, 2 sticks of butter, 5 apples, and a recipe book! Ms. Barber opens the recipe book. The recipe needs: 1 ¾ cups of flour, ¼ cups of teaspoons of cinnamon, 1 ½ cups of milk, ¾ stick of butter, 3 ½ apples. The bowl she is using to mix it all together can only hold five cups. Is there enough room for all the ingredients?

Students hurried to solve the problem in order to receive the letter of the day, which would help them deduce who pie’d Mr. Geddes. The excitement translated into over 80 students participating in all of the Pi Week math problems during math class and lunchtime.

City Year Seattle - Students and Pi Week Questions

“It’s a good thing to have fun once in a while at school, especially in academics,” one Aki student commented.

Another student exclaimed, “It makes your mind go crazy. I like this because it’s challenging to solve problems in math. I also like the way this has been conveyed . . . the mystery of the pie incident!”

At the end of the week, the students filled out the mystery sentence to read:

“Ms. Dalisha is GUILTY!”

Ms. Dalisha, our Communities in Schools Success Coordinator on the Aki Kurose Diplomas Now team, had fooled the entire student body.

To end Pi Week on a high note, each math class with the highest participation per grade level received a snack and soda party. When asked how Pi Week was, one student exclaimed: “From ten to 100, it was a 100! It was hecka fun! We should do it again.”

Text by Sona Thinakaran and photos by Sheera Langbaum, City Year Seattle/King County corps members of the T-Mobile Diplomas Now Team at Aki Kurose Middle School


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