Comcast Signature Service at Garfield High School

Our partnership with Comcast enables us to continue our transformative service projects!

Recently, as City Year Seattle was doing service at Garfield High School, people drove by honking their horns and shouting, “Yay, City Year!” Members of the community and former City Year corps members stopped by to reminisce and provide continued encouragement for a job well done.

We loved the outdoor service in Seattle’s rarely seen sun. My team, the Casey Family Programs Team at Mercer Middle School, directed the service project that involved landscaping the grounds of Garfield. Although Garfield recently renovated the interior of their building, many of the plants outdoors were starting to die. Well-maintained school grounds contribute to a welcoming school environment, and Seattle Public Schools only has enough funds for a small gardening staff to weed, mow, prune and tend to the landscaping needs of their 91 different school sites.

Knowing this, City Year Seattle, with Comcast’s support and Signature Service Sponsorship, paired up with Garfield High School to complete this essential landscaping. We removed all of Garfield High School’s dead, unsightly heather and cleared vegetation from a different plot so the district could easily plant eco-friendly grass.

City Year Seattle Planting at Garfield High School

The new grass will require less maintenance from the gardeners, ensuring that the school grounds remain pristine with minimal effort. Planting grass instead of other plants will limit the amount of pesticides used by the school, which in turn means there will be less harm done to the environment.

Thank you, Comcast, for making our service possible and for supporting this community. Because of your sponsorship and our hard work, Garfield High School will remain a welcoming place for students and will be much easier for the Seattle Public Schools gardeners to maintain. Rakes and shovels in hand – City Year is unstoppable!

Text by Taylor Beach, City Year Seattle/King County Corps Member of the Casey Family Programs Team at Mercer Middle School

Photos by Adam Nance, City Year Seattle/King County Development Director and Natalie Champ, Program Manager of the T-Mobile Diplomas Now Team at Aki Kurose Middle School


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