City Year is Kind of My Best Friend

This year, an After-School Heroes student at Aki Kurose Middle School began singing “I wanna be a City Year,” to the tune of Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire.” Inspired, students and City Year corps members worked together to create a music video with students singing and their corps members rapping. One of those students was Lindsay.

Lindsay, a seventh grade student at Aki Kurose Middle School and avid participant of the After-School Heroes program, was assigned to write an essay for her English class. She chose to write about the City Year corps members at her school and the impact they have made at her school and upon her life:

Many people don’t know about City Year but I do. They are helpful and just fun to hang out with. When you are down or just need to talk, walk over to a City Year and the next thing you know you will be laughing hysterically! They also help you in your education. They can help you read to reach to your next level, they can help you in math if you’re stuck, and basically they can help you in all kinds of subjects! These are the reasons why I think City Year is helpful and fun to hang out with.

City Year can be so funny. I mean FUNNY! They can make your day so much better. Like this one time I was going to an Aki Heroes [a City Year after-school club] service project at New Horizon Ministries on a very bright like a banana skin day. And I had a really tough week. At New Horizons, a very nice man greeted us and showed us around. After three minutes of the tour he got us straight to work.

“Okay you guys are going to be sorting out clothes that maybe some teens would like to wear!” the man said, and then showed us where to get the clothes.

Mr. Sean, a City Year, saw a very bright pink shirt and of course tried it on. He began modeling and everything. I laughed so much; I think he made that week a whole lot better!

City Year can also be helpful because they help you in school. Ms. Desiree is a great helper. Do you need help in math? Ms. Desiree will be there. Do you need help in reading? Ms. Desiree will be there. There was this really hard question I didn’t know. I raised my hand and the next thing you know Ms. Desiree pulled out a chair so quickly and sat right next to me. She taught me how to do it. I thought to myself as she got up to help another student, “How great!” Right?

City Year is kind of my best friend. They make me laugh when I am sad. They make me believe in myself no matter what. I am proud to know the City Years. City Year is a program that helps schools. At Aki, City Year helps students with their education. So if you ever meet a City Year, my opinion is you better make friends with them. They just might make your year a better year. Maybe that’s why I think that City Year is helpful and fun to hang out with.

Text by Lindsay, a seventh grade student at Aki Kurose Middle School

*Lindsay’s name was changed to protect her identity.

Video by the corps members at Aki Kurose Middle School and the After-School Heroes students

4 thoughts on “City Year is Kind of My Best Friend

  1. Here are the lyrics – enjoy!

    I wanna be in City Year sooooo bad
    Cause mentoring youth is really rad.
    I want to be in a picture in that IH thing
    smiling next to Obama and Tom Brady.

    Oh every time I close my eyes (City Year, City Year)
    I see myself changing many lives. Oh yeah!
    In different cities promoting rights in schools for all
    The world better prepare from when we are in City Year.

    You’ll be wearing read and khaki
    you know it isn’t tacky.
    A leader with a passion
    Service is the fashion.

    We’re from all over the nation
    Americorps sensation.
    It’s all about inclusivity
    Bringing on diversity.

    Cecil made it relevant
    to be culturally competent.
    Taking off our front packs
    And now we aren’t taking it back.

    Aki rocks the DN model
    It’s not hard to follow.
    Three tiers of intervention
    Goal is student retention.

    We are a team of solidarity
    Our bond is a rarity.
    Our flame is our fire
    burning with desire.

    Working as a near peer
    You may have some fear,
    But you will hold this time dear
    once you are done with City Year!

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