Powerful Service, Powerful Leaders

Corps Members participate in a leadership development opportunity.

City Year‘s tagline is “give a year. change the world.” The understanding of that tagline is found in its inherent duality. A corps member must work to change their outer world: the students and communities they serve, while they simultaneously work to change their own inner world through leadership development.

One way that City Year develops leaders is to build a time for reflection into almost every day. Learning from experiences builds more powerful solutions and idealistic leaders who “take what’s best -and leave the rest.”

Corps Members, through their service and training, can always find opportunities to grow.

At the beginning of this year, senior corps Training and Events Project Leader, Megan Hugel, often spent her afternoons training new corps members on how to lead powerful events at their schools. In order to do this, she reflected on and shared the mistakes she made as a “fresh out of training” corps member as well as the successes that lead to her placement as the senior corps member who leads the sites event projects.

“Event planning is so exciting! Because I know the positive impact a good City Year-led school event can have on a school’s environment and a student’s pride in their community,” Megan said to the team at Aki Kurose Middle School.

The corps members at Aki Kurose are planning a parent engagement night centered around math in mid-October. Megan, who served as a corps member at this Diplomas Now partnership school last year, was there to help introduce event planning documents and lessons she learned planning her first City Year event.

“I feel hopeful and content that corps members this year can learn from our short comings last year. They’ll learn from the best practices or slowly learned achievements from my corps year. I can see how our struggles last year will exponentiate the potential of this year’s corps.”


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