Starfish Opening Day

The Starfish After-School Program is a City Year-led program for elementary school students. City Year corps members spend their school day tutoring and mentoring students and then, to extend the learning day,  students are invited to join Starfish after the final bell rings. The program works to instill values of service and community in students as well as provide academic support in a safe, fun learning environment.

Corps members and students celebrate at the start of Starfish Opening Day.

Starfish students recently had their Opening Day Ceremony, during which they took the Starfish pledge and briefly reflected on the year ahead of them. Below we’ve compiled, in their words, what they’re most excited about:

“One thing I like about Starfish is we get help from City Year and work with a friend. Another thing I like about Starfish is the Star Chart.”

Every Starfish student was excited to be a part of the program.

“To do my homework and we get to play outside.”

“The two things I like about Starfish is that we get to go on some field trips and get to do our homework.”

 “One thing I like about Starfish is we get to hang out with friends and have fun during recess. Another thing I like about Starfish is the Starfish Story.

Starfish participated in numerous activities to help make the start of Starfish memorable.

“The first thing I learn in Starfish is community. Community is a lot of things like friendship, teamwork, love and many more. I also learn all of the City Year’s name, they are: Andy, Thannan, Jonath, Cori and Stacy. I really like Starfish because you learn a lot of stuff.”

Starfish are introduced to City Year's Briefing Document.

 “First I like about Starfish is they help us a lot on Monday and Wednesdays. And the other thing I like they spent a lot of time with you and are helpful.”

 “I like that they give us recess and they let us talk on the floor.”

“Starfish is good and I like it because we draw. I like Starfish because we play.”

Starfish students helped to read and demonstrate parts of the day's Daily Briefing.

 “Two things that I like about Starfish is: 1) Recess. 2) Field trips.”

“I like about Starfish is we do Homework. I like about Starfish is we play Zoom.”

“I like to learn community. I like to learn about earth.”

“Two things I like about Starfish is Snack Recess. And I like homework”

A Starfish student shares her hopes for the year.

Here are excerpts for Starfish Student’s hopes for the year:

“…To learn math…A big party…One thing that I hope will happen is a party!…To get a big party…I want to see a sleepover…I wish Starfish corps would throw a party …I hope that we go to the Wing Luke sleep over…One thing that I hope that will happen is sleepover…One thing I hope will happen: Retreat…I hope Starfish never leaves.”

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