The Test Goes On – Featuring City Year Corps Members!

At Denny International Middle School, the teachers, staff and City Year corps members always try to get their students excited about school. Although the MSP, a standardized test, helps teachers track how well their students are doing and which areas they need help in, students are sometimes unenthusiastic about the prospect of taking another test.

In an effort to encourage students in their learning, teachers Gary Lai and Erin Jolley created a new and improved version of Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On.” Done the Denny International way, the hit song became “The Test Goes On.” The music video also features City Year Seattle corps members Roberto Gutierrez, Trish Griego, Natalie Mace, Theila Smith and Andy Tilton. As Theila Smith said,

“We were part of the video to boost student morale for the upcoming MSP test because we’re also part of staff and we want to show the kids that we’re there for them.”

The corps members at Denny International Middle School always go above and beyond for their students!

For more Denny International music videos, see “Teach Me How To Study.”

Video by the staff at Denny International Middle School, with words by teachers Gary Lai and Erin Jolley

Text by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader

City Year Open House for Recruits – March 23rd

City Year April 1 Application Deadline PosterAre you stressed about the fast approaching April 1st corps member application deadline?  The best way to beat that anxious feeling is to be prepared and connect with others in your shoes – “mocassins,” in City-Year speak.

Join us at our Open House on March 23 to ask your questions, mingle, and learn more about City Year culture. Connect face-to-face with City Year corps members and staff as well as other people interested in joining City Year.

Open House is a great opportunity to get an inside look at City Year. You will hear about the experience through people who are in service now and get in touch with the vibe, the environment and the people who make up City Year as an organization.

Comments from our past Open Houses:

Greetings from City Year New Hampshire! My grandma and cousin got to come to our Open House and I was so excited to have them learn about what I’m doing here at City Year. They were blown away by all that City Year does and couldn’t stop asking questions. It was a wonderful experience – Abbi MacFarlane, City Year New Hampshire

Hello from City Year Seattle! Our Open House was a great opportunity to talk with interested applicants about City Year and the Corps Member experience. Guests said their favorite part was hearing from our panel of corps members. It was a great evening! – Samantha Dyess, City Year Seattle

Hey I went to the Open House in Rhode Island yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot more about City Year and everyone there was really nice and welcoming. I am hoping I can be a part of City Year next year. – Open House attendee

So come one and come all. The Open House is also a great place for you, your friends and your parents/guardians to get questions answered about City Year.

Can’t make it to a City Year location on March 23?  No problem. You can check out our Virtual Open House or contact City Year Recruitment.

Looking for more info? Take a look at our FAQs page and connect with us on Facebook.

Recruitment: An Inside Look

Sam, City Year Seattle's Recruitment Manager

November 15th was City Year’s first admissions deadline for 2011-12 Corps Member applications. As a new team member to City Year Recruitment – having started in July of this year – it was my first deadline too and I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect. Among the millions of questions running through my head, my most persistent question was: would our country’s poor economic situation deter young, idealistic people from national service or motivate them?

November 15th came and went and our team was fortunate (and pleased!) to be flooded with high-quality candidates from all over the country – 92 applicants, to be exact. From that moment, we worked hard day after day, carefully reviewing each application, scheduling and facilitating phone interviews.

Even though the workload during our admissions deadline was high, I was reminded of how fulfilling service recruitment is. It is a pleasure to be able to interview some of the most motivated, service-minded, and articulate young people in this country. I was humbled by talking with applicants who are so willing to dedicate their time to serve in schools and work with students everyday for 10 full-months. I was encouraged more than ever that City Year will/and can change the world because of these committed individuals. My Recruitment Director always says that he and I have the best jobs at this organization – and I whole-heartedly agree.

As we move towards our next deadline, February 1st, I look forward to reviewing many more moving applications and to continue to be inspired by all the natural born leaders their interest and motivation in national service.

To apply to City Year Seattle, visit

Text by Samantha Dyess, City Year Seattle/King County Recruitment Manager