Russell Investments Employees Give Back

Not only is Russell Investments a global leader in the financial industry with a stated purpose to improve financial security for people, but Russell is also committed to community involvement, associate empowerment and education.

Russell’s generous donation of 70 backpacks

Russell’s generous donation of 70 backpacks to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School as a result of the employee championed, Back to School Backpack Challenge.

These values were clearly exemplified at the start of the school year, when Russell associates came together for their first ever “Back to School Backpack Challenge” to
ensure that over 200 students in King and Pierce Counties started the school year
equipped with backpacks filled with essential school supplies that their family
might not otherwise be able to afford. These supplies included crayons, scissors, rulers, folders, paper, notebooks, colored pencils, tissue, glue, hand sanitizer, snacks and more.

Russell's John Gilman, Principal McMillian and CY

Russell employee, John Gilman, meets with Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Principal, Cothron McMillian, and City Year team members after making the backpack delivery on the first day of school.

One of the schools lucky enough to be the recipient of Russell’s generosity was
City Year partner school, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary. This vibrant elementary school has a mission that every child is able to achieve at high levels and that every adult is accountable for their success and is composed of a student body where 83% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Promptly following their delivery the morning of the first day of school, the backpacks were already making a difference in students’ lives. Concerned students and parents met with Principal McMillian explaining their lack of supplies and were immediately relieved to be the recipient of Russell’s donation.

First Day of School Assembly

Martin Luther King Elementary School celebrates their First Day of School Assembly with teachers, administrators and the City Year team. Seventy fortunate students will be the recipients of Russell’s Backpack Challenge.

Thank you, Russell, for your investment in our community – you are changing lives!

Safeco Insurance and DML Insurance Services Host City Year to The Storm!

City Year Seattle/King County corps members were treated to a night at Key Arena by
two local supporters, Safeco Insurance and DML Insurance Services, Inc.  After arriving to Seattle just two weeks ago, the corps members excitedly cheered on one of the most skilled sports team in their new hometown while getting to know each other as teammates.

City Year corps members cheer for the Seattle Storm

Thanks to the generosity of Safeco Insurance and DML Insurance, City Year corps members cheer on the Seattle Storm!

As Mike Lahoda, second year corps member who assumes the role of Team Leader at Denny International Middle School, stated, the evening was “a wonderful opportunity for our corps to bond in an excited and passionate environment.”

After the All City Matching Band delivered an impressive halftime show, Safeco Insurance presented City Year with a $500 check on behalf of DML Insurance Services.  Both companies have championed City Year for several years, continually providing generous support that directly enables City Year corps members to uniquely tutor and mentor students in Seattle that need extra support and attention. Dena Levine, of DML and a former City Year board member, nearly shouted from the rooftops her admiration and respect for the corps!DLM presents a check to City Year

Ripples of Hope: Celebrating City Year’s Impact

Thank You City Year

City Year corps members make a huge impact upon the lives of students and sometimes, they thank us in especially unique and heartfelt ways. In this picture, a student wrote down everything he learned from their City Year corps members in the shape of a City Year logo.

On April 27th at 5:30 p.m., City Year Seattle will hold its annual gala event, “Ripples of Hope.” Our goal is to raise approximately one-third of our annual budget so that corps members can continue mentoring and tutoring students like Esperanza, Jayne, and Haytham as they go on to graduate from high school.

Here’s a look at our Ripples of Hope sponsors, with a special thank you to T-Mobile as our Ripples of Hope presenting sponsor.

To all of our sponsors: thank you for your gifts to City Year Seattle! You help make our work possible.

Register for Ripples of Hope today to support City Year Seattle and our community. We hope to see you there.

Comcast Signature Service Day: Teamwork at the West Duwamish Greenbelt

Welcome to the Comcast Sponsored Service day!

Last Friday, City Year Seattle shoveled, wheelbarrowed, and shifted 28 tons of rocks at the West Duwamish Greenbelt. Sponsored by Comcast, our National Leadership Sponsor/Signature Service Sponsor, and organized by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the crew took off for West Seattle to continue building a trail that City Year Seattle has been working on since last year.

By the end of the day, corps members created 81 feet of base layer rock for the trail and completely finished 47 feet. Because this new trail is raised off the ground and has a built-in tunnel to facilitate water drainage, it is a significant improvement over the former trail, which had to be rebuilt each year because of storm damage.

Take a look at our day below to see City Year Seattle in action:

Heavy duty heavy lifting

Heavy duty heavy lifting

Distributing rocks to make the trail

Corps members were fired up with enthusiasm. Jacobo Jimenez of Seattle Parks and Recreation told us, "You guys moved more rock today than I've ever moved in a single project."

City Year and Wheelbarrows

City Year, wheeling through twisting paths.

Wobbly Wheelbarrow

Because of the bumpy rocks, the wheelbarrow began tipping over precariously . . .

Team work

until team members helped save it.

Corps Members Create Drainage

We set a tunnel under the trail to facilitate water drainage.

Large, Heavy Rocks

Corps members shifted incredibly heavy rocks in place.

Corps members starting the Trail

We were still hard at work mid-day, as it began to look like a real trail.

The finishing step.

Corps members put the finishing touches on the trail by smoothing gravel with precision.

The Finished Product

Great work, team!

At the end of the day, Jacobo Jimenez of Seattle Parks and Recreation told us,

What you guys did today has a greater-reaching impact than ‘we built a really cool looking trail.’ The trail that you saw here earlier today? We used to have to rebuild it on an annual basis. But the real problem wasn’t just the time and energy that we had to put into fixing this trail every single year. It was the sediment that would run off into the storm drains and Puget Sound. That sediment contained nutrients that could have helped enrich the forests but instead was causing algae bloom in our waters and killing off our fish. That in turn had a negative economic impact upon our region.

Now it sounds like I’m really stretching it here, but I’m not – what you did here today has a real impact on our community, and I want to thank you for it. You guys moved more rock today than I’ve ever moved in a single project. You keep raising the bar in your service and it’s really incredible.

Thank you, Seattle Parks and Recreation, for helping us facilitate this day. and working with us to accomplish so much. And thank you Comcast, for your support of the work we do and this region’s community. We couldn’t do it without you!

Text and photos by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader

T-Mobile Goes Above and Beyond

T-Mobile has a way of coming up with incredibly creative ideas when it comes to fundraising for City Year.

In late December, Chuck Stigers, senior manager of Portfolio Risk Operations at  T-Mobile, emailed City Year Seattle about planning a small auction for  an upcoming summit event they were hosting. He anticipated the auction would raise a few hundred dollars, and T-Mobile wanted their contributions to be dedicated to City Year Seattle. Of course we were very pleased to hear the news, and we didn’t realize  that we would be in for a big surprise.

Shortly after this conversation, three members of the T-Mobile Portfolio Risk Operations team attended a summit to meet with their external partners in New York City. At the end of the summit, the attendees split into teams for an organized bowling tournament. The T-Mobile members decided to auction off their amazing bowling skills to the teams and donate the proceeds to City Year. With only three T-Mobile members available out of the 35 attendees, the competition was intense and the bidding was fierce.

The event, which Chuck Stigers originally expected to raise a “few hundred dollars”, raised more than $7,200. Everyone at the summit pooled their contributions together to make this generous donation to City Year Seattle.

We were astounded when we heard the news. But then we remembered that this was T-Mobile we’re talking about, City Year Seattle’s biggest corporate sponsor and a City Year National Leadership Sponsor. In December, about two weeks before Chuck Stigers emailed us, T-Mobile employees ran a holiday sample sale with all proceeds going toward City Year. They prepared for this fundraiser throughout the entire year and in eight short hours, T-Mobile raised $135,000.

And each year at T-Mobile sites across the country, T-Mobile sponsors a day for their employees to join City Year for the annual T-Mobile Huddle Up. During Huddle Up, T-Mobile employees transform a community building to provide a safe space for students after-school.

Yesterday, Simon Amiel, City Year Seattle’s Executive Director, presented T-Mobile with a plaque as a token of our appreciation. He said:

The continuous support from the T-Mobile team is the reason why we’re able to serve  kids in Seattle Public Schools. You are helping us with our mission, and together we are making a powerful impact.

T-Mobile, we are always impressed by your ingenuity and thoughtfulness, and you never fail to surprise and amaze us throughout the year. City Year and the children of Seattle Public Schools appreciate your support so much.

The T-Mobile Portfolio Risk Operations team and Simon Amiel, City Year Seattle Executive Director

Text by Sherry Tiao, City Year Seattle/King County External Relations Project Leader