Recruitment: An Inside Look

Sam, City Year Seattle's Recruitment Manager

November 15th was City Year’s first admissions deadline for 2011-12 Corps Member applications. As a new team member to City Year Recruitment – having started in July of this year – it was my first deadline too and I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect. Among the millions of questions running through my head, my most persistent question was: would our country’s poor economic situation deter young, idealistic people from national service or motivate them?

November 15th came and went and our team was fortunate (and pleased!) to be flooded with high-quality candidates from all over the country – 92 applicants, to be exact. From that moment, we worked hard day after day, carefully reviewing each application, scheduling and facilitating phone interviews.

Even though the workload during our admissions deadline was high, I was reminded of how fulfilling service recruitment is. It is a pleasure to be able to interview some of the most motivated, service-minded, and articulate young people in this country. I was humbled by talking with applicants who are so willing to dedicate their time to serve in schools and work with students everyday for 10 full-months. I was encouraged more than ever that City Year will/and can change the world because of these committed individuals. My Recruitment Director always says that he and I have the best jobs at this organization – and I whole-heartedly agree.

As we move towards our next deadline, February 1st, I look forward to reviewing many more moving applications and to continue to be inspired by all the natural born leaders their interest and motivation in national service.

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Text by Samantha Dyess, City Year Seattle/King County Recruitment Manager